Construct Bookkeeping Services For

Controller &

Chief Financial Officer

Add more firepower to your financial management by using Construct Bookkeepers. Construct Bookkeepers is the leader in the construction industry.

Construct Bookkeepers Services

A CFO is responsible for the financial reporting. We can assist in determining where your business is going and help you to achieve your financial goals and objectives.

  • Depreciation Schedules, Amortization Schedules
  • Property Tax Renditions
  • Workers Comp Reporting
  • Preparation/ Handle Workers Comp and/or General Liability audits
  • Bank / Investment Reconciliations
  • Work in Progress Reporting
  • Indirect Costs Allocations
  • Journal entries for prepaid insurances, inventory adjustments, long-term debt, etc.
  • Month-end closing including review of Balance Sheet & Income Statement
  • Prepare financial reports for a single company or consolidated financials for multiple companies
  • Review and prepare year-end reports for CPA to complete compiled, reviewed, or audited financials and/or tax returns
  • Working with your bonding company to acquire bonds, assistance in filling out applications
  • Assistance in filling out prequal applications
  • Bank LOC Draws and Monthly/Quarterly Compliance Reporting

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